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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Big disclosure: Pakistan did not attack the Pulwama, the Indian resident has attacked

Big disclosure: Pakistan did not attack the Pulwama, the Indian resident has attacked.

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Pakistan, Surgical Strike, Attack, Change ....
No friends! India's biggest enemy is not Pakistan. Pakistan is doing what a country does with its enemy. His job is to torture India, and he is doing the same. India's biggest enemies are sitting in India. Raise your eyes and look around you, innumerable traitors who have eaten more than two roti on the sacrifice of 44 soldiers.

 These forty-four bodies are the victory of his religion for somebody, then an opportunity to thwart the present government for anyone ... celebrate this massacre in social media, watch the army of the hijras, watch a swarm of pigs celebrating in Kashmir, attack the attack Look at the delighted engineers by saying "valentine surgical strikes" and think that Pakistan is a big enemy or the biggest enemy in India is a loser.

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Find the vultures that burn and shout the whole country for months on a suicide, they will not be seen anywhere today. They must have drunk in their shoulders somewhere .. They are neither national nor important for them, nor the death of these soldiers. It is important for them to have their lust, and for this they will sell this country to anyone's hands.

These are the biggest enemies of the nation.
Do you remember the Indian who supported China in the 1962 India-China war? Identify these lowly pigs who can sell their bottle and two pieces of meat to your mother, these are the biggest enemies of India. They are still against the army. For them Kashmiri jehadis are still "innocent children".

India's biggest enemies are self-proclaimed intellectuals for whom terrorists are still strayed young men. What is happening in Kashmir is extremism, not extremism, it is pure jihad. Identify jihad intellectuals who have been misleading by saying extremism, they have never been born in the motherland.

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We and you do not abuse the leaders throughout the day, but even the leaders of India have more ethics than these heroicists. Tomorrow, leader of the opposition Rahul and Priyanka also said that we are with the government in the clock of this phase. But take a look at the eyes of these famous journalists and illiterate writers, not even in this bad day with the nation. Somebody is blaming Intelligence, someone is blaming the government, someone is blaming the army, but these dogs still do not feel guilty.

Today, read an author. The evil person does not care that the 44 mothers got lonely, he is uncomfortable about why Hindu is so fierce on this incident. According to him, we should not be furious, we should talk to Pakistan.

India's biggest enemies are also the nephews who always advise India to negotiate. Hundreds of conversations have happened, but have you ever considered Pakistan? Pakistan will ever agree? These agendaists do not tell what ultimately India should do to stop killing their beloved Pakistan.
India's biggest enemies are Navjot Singh Sidhu, who is not afraid to show love for Pakistan even after this big attack.

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To prevent the execution of Yakub, the opening and opening of the Supreme Court at midnight is also blaming the government today. Understand what they want .... "Afzal we are embarrassed, your katil is alive" is asking questions to the shouting government. Understand what they want ... Friends! India must fight with Pakistan as well.

Pakistan is a very little thing, friend! And India's army has the ability to straighten the older ones. The retribution of these 44 dead bodies will not take place tomorrow or the Indian army tomorrow, but Pakistan will not accept it. As long as this army of guards will remain in India, Pakistan will continue to get energy and it will continue to strike India.

 And friends, the army will not fight with these traitors. We have to fight them, we will spitting on their mouths. The traitors will have to say openly traitor. They have to boycott socially. And it will have to do us only. Unless their fun is crushed, nothing will change.

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A small country in our neighborhood is Bhutan. According to the definition of Pakistani jehadis, Bhutan is also a kafir country, but it is not a coincidence that he can get entangled with Bhutan. Because they know that there is no army of traitors like Bhutan ... India must at least have become Bhutan.

Jai Hind!
Jai Hind's army! If anybody has hurt my post, I would like to apologize to my heart by joining Pire Singh and if someone has offended somebody from this post, then thanks Jai Hind Jai India

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