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Thursday, 27 December 2018

(MANJHI THE MOUNTAIN ) (Has done something for your wife who remembered the whole of India)



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You have just heard in stories so far that what people will not do for love, then let's know about a true incident that what mad lover in India did for his wife.


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His name was Dashrath Manjhi This Gahlaur Ghat of Hindustan's Gaya District was very much loved by his wife. He used to cultivate this village and used to go from village to village to cultivate it when he went to farm another village. There was a big mountain in the middle, when he used to go to work in fields across the field, when his wife came out to work on the field, then his wife used to take food for him. There was no way to go to this village from this village for many days. There was no way to go to that village. One day, suddenly, something happened, seeing that the villagers were left with astonished food and they were going from this village to that village when they He was crossing the mountain, suddenly collapsing in the stone, he fell down. At the time of falling down his wife died, after the death of his wife, he began to worry that this village There is no way to go across the village. The rest of the people were also coming from the same way after the death of their wife, the decision that we will break the mountain and make the road from here. Since 1981, it started doing the work, the whole mountain Break a path, they broke the mountain and made a good path, today people of the whole village are known to come comfortably. He completed this work, seeing the whole world surprised you, because it has been said that he alone broke this mountain for his wife and the unmatched love of his wife.

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His wife's name was given to his wife named Faguni Devi. Nowadays, the name of Dashrath Manjhi and his wife named Fagunvi Devi is known to all those who love him. It is also added to the Taj Mahal where Taj Mahal is also accompanied by his wife And he made a great way by breaking a mountain for his wife, Dasharath Manjhi, who is the name of the path today, Dasharath Manjhi Path Glomerate settled in Gatganv.

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