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Sunday, 11 November 2018

If you also want to make body then know these special things

If you also want to make body then know these special things. 

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Friends, as we know, we are giving very little attention to our body in today's era. In our life of running, we are going to get very little attention towards our health, so let us know about some such things by doing There will be a lot of impact on our body and our fitness. Sometimes it has happened that if a person with a party fitness person or man stands in front of me

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So we feel very embarrassed on our thinness. We feel that we should have a body too, some of us also say that your photo is very good. You are looking very good, if there is no such thing to say then It is going to happen from now on that I will tell you what you are going to do every day, so my claim that your health can be very good, then let's know about all those things, Health can be very good

You know what I am about to tell you well and how you can easily find it and I claim that if you use it equal then your health can be good

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Morning Time; - Morning Times (Fennel, Mithri, Chana, Almond, Soya Bean Dana, You can take this breakfast (4, Four Roti Pudding) After eating lunch, prepare Kheera (any time you drink 4, 4) ) And eat it in the morning; After eating the meal, eat the cucumber and chicken egg always eaten mutton and do a glass before sleeping at night. Surely it will have a great effect on your health. Your life will remain good because all these things Ray body blood muscle builds gives powerful fat increases very well affect our way we can get rid of its thinness

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You must know this yourself, the people from the nearby people say this to your parents from their elders, they also hear their son. You run in the morning. Your body will be good, run in the evening. Running at least 5 kilometers daily is good for the body. Always drink 5 liters of water, it has a great effect on our body, whatever weaknesses we have, it removes it, let's know that all the essence About the things that we can not help but listen to this will be so today we have people form

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